Robert Shumake Working to Bring Sports Betting to Africa With New License

Robert Shumake

May 1, 2021

Robert Shumake Working to Bring Sports Betting to Africa With New License

Robert Shumake, known as the best-selling author, philanthropist, and international business strategist, has his eyes set on the gambling industry in Africa. A resident in the state of Michigan, Robert Shumake spent over 20 years with a focus on real estate as a specialty. He then went on to become the best-selling author with Climbing Your Inner Mountain: 10 Steps to Reaching Any Goal. From there, he has now earned a license to bring gambling to Africa in a whole new way.


Size of the Gambling Industry in Africa


So why is Robert Shumake trying to bring gambling to Africa with his new license? It is due to the size of the industry and the potential for some amazing growth over time.


When you think about Africa, it is not only the second-largest continent in raw size of landmass but also with population. In Africa overall, there are over 50 different sovereign nations. So why is all of this important when it comes to gambling? What you need to remember is that some of the sovereign nations are open to gambling, and some are not. You cannot just go into this assuming all of Africa is ready to embrace gambling.


The good thing and where Robert Shumake has a focus is on what is available in Africa. According to Ventures Africa, the gambling industry in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria alone is nearing $40 billion on an annual basis. This is an amazing number that is certainly going to open up as a major market. Now, will it be competing with that of Europe and North America, where it is much more established, not right away, but over time it is possible?


Other Popular Areas for Gambling in Africa


Robert Shumake is going to bring gambling to other areas of Africa as well where gambling is also quite popular. Outside of South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria which we mentioned already, here are other hot spots for gambling. These include Uganda, Tanzania, as well as Morocco. Morocco is one of those surprise countries as it is so religious, you would not think of it as a gambling haven. The land-based casinos there though will rival Las Vegas and online sports betting establishments make their mark.


Robert Shumake wants to take all of this great data and interest in gambling in Africa and bring it to the next level. With his years of experience in growing real estate, philanthropy, and succeeding as the best-selling author, he is ready for the challenge. Robert Shumake has earned his Africa gambling license and is ready to put it to good use.